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    “We were very impressed and happy with Dr. Dixit and the whole experience.”

    - Angela G.

    “Dr. Borts has been phenomenal in helping my mom. She has been getting contact dermatitis that turns into cellulitis and then has to be hospitalized because only IV antibiotics will heal the infection. He is awesome. He takes the time to listen to all your conditions and concerns and answers every question.”

    - Nicki

    “Dr. Esswein took her time, explained everything clearly, listened to our questions, and gave good advice!”

    - Anonymous

    “Dr. Waterhouse was friendly and an interested listener. She was knowledgeable of my condition and gave clear explanations of the cause and available treatments.”

    - Anonymous

    “Dr. Warrier was the best! I have been struggling pretty severely with asthma and thought it was normal. Dr. Warrier is very smart and attentive. He explains things thoroughly, and definitely treats patients as a priority. I just gave a recommendation to visit him to my family- he was awesome.”

    - Madeline A.

    “We absolutely love Dr. Vitale. Can’t imagine a better doctor. She makes you feel like you are her only patient for the day.”

    - Evelyn E.

    “The staff and doctor were amazing with my 2-year-old! We were seen fast and got answers fast.”

    - Anonymous

    “Dr. Esswein took her time, explained everything clearly, listened to our questions, and gave good advice!”

    - Anonymous

    “Dr. Warrier was very thorough and very helpful. I brought my daughter to see him because of food allergies, eczema, and breathing problems. He gave me action plans to go by and showed me how to use the EpiPen and inhalers with a spacer. She is doing so much better since our first visit.”

    - Anonymous

    “Dr. Vitale is both professional and friendly. She has a wonderful bedside manner, and it is clear and evident every appointment how much she genuinely cares for my kids. I love the entire office and would highly recommend them!”

    - Hazel C.

    “Excellent bedside manner! Dr. Dixit very easily and clearly explained everything and was easily understood giving us our options and left the choice to us. He was thorough, listened well, took time to establish a good rapport with my 8-year-old son, and took time to answer every question either of us had.”

    - Zane O.

    “Dr. Waterhouse was wonderful. Reviewed my previous Colorado allergist records & discussed my care plan moving forward. She addressed all my concerns. The office staff is very professional. My husband is now also a new patient with Dr. Waterhouse.”

    - Karen W.

    “Very nice experience at AAFAC. The doctors are very knowledgeable and understanding of my issues. I will return for a follow-up visit.”

    - Anonymous