If I need a referral will you call my primary care physician (PCP)?
How fast can I be seen as a new patient?
What is in the allergy injections?
As a new patient, what happens at the first doctor appointment?
At what age can I bring my child in to get skin tested?
What is the difference between blood testing and skin testing for allergies?
For what kind of items can you do testing?
What can I expect during my visit for allergy testing?
What is the youngest age of a patient that can be seen by an allergist?
How do allergy shots work?
Who are the best candidates for allergy shots?
How often do I need shots?
Are allergy shots expensive?
I have heard of other types of allergy treatments different from allergy injections. Do you offer them and why not?
Why do I have a large bump on my arm where my allergy injection was given?
Can asthma be controlled?
What are the signs and symptoms that I may have asthma?
Can acid reflux make my asthma worse?
I chronically get sinus infections. Is there any help?
What to do if I need a medication refill?
My pharmacy/insurance told me I need a Prior Authorization. What is this?
Do I have to make an appointment just to get a refill?
Can you send in an antibiotic for me when I am sick?
Will my insurance pay for allergy testing and or allergy shots?